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Standalone  Systems

4890 - 26bit Wiegand 1 Door Controller

4000 Users, 1 Door Standalone Controller
Low Cost, Simple, Ready to Install Wiegand Standalone Controller.
  • 1 Door Wiegand Standalone Controller
  • Supports all 26bit Wiegand Output Proximity Card Readers (HID, Keri, EM etc)
  • 4000 User Card Capacity
  • Cards must all have the same Site Code and be Numbered Consecutively (e.g. 1-4000)

  • Standalone (Does not connect to a PC for programming).
  • Comes pre programmed and ready to install.
  • Programmed via Programming Keypad (additional)
  • Easy Bulk Programming Commands

  • Exit Request Button Input
  • Valid Card Triggers Two Relays. Each Relay has a programmable Release Time.
  • No Controller History, Time or Time Zone Features.
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