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Free Android OS, Evolution Management Software Interface
Available for free in the Google Play application center to work on all Android OS devices. Allows you to Manage and Control the Evolution software remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • Manage your building with your Android phone or tablet locally or remotely.
  • Can be used for local site building status display screens.
  • Site Auto Login; for one click fast site control.
  • Manage multiple Evolution Building Sites with the one application.
    • Add/Edit/Delete Users, Time zones, Access Groups
    • Control and Manage Doors, Floors and Alarms
    • View real time systems transactions and alarms
    • Generate History Reports and much more.
  • Alarm Notifications; The application can run as a service on the device and generate notifications when building alarms occur.
  • Add and View Live Video Camera web pages.

Can be downloaded from Google Play (search 'EvoBM' or 'CS Technologies') or directly from this website (see links on right)
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