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Australian Leaders in Access

Control Solutions

CS Technologies provide smart security solutions that integrate with your business and your lifestyle

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CS Technologies is an Australian owned, leader in designing and manufacturing solutions for the building access control and security market. They are committed to enhancing customer value by delivering the most advanced features, modular and flexible design, cost effective and most importantly the easiest to use Access Control and Security System on the market.

Established in 1987, CS Technologies grew out of the response of the Australian access control market. Back then your only option was expensive, non-flexible American solutions. CS Technologies created a revolutionary fully independent controller that could be customised for the Australian market requirements. It was feature packed, easy to use and was price competitive.

They built up an enviable reputation in the building access solutions market. Systems have been installed in thousands of businesses and organisations in virtually all industry sectors, including government, healthcare, retail, industrial, commercial, airports/ports, finance and education.

CS Technologies has continued ongoing research to dedicate and ensure that their product meets their customer needs by adding and offering the latest innovations in the industry, while still providing absolute confidence in performance and value.

CS Technologies products are sold to security install companies through numerous security distributors throughout Australia. Contact CS Technologies or a local distributor to find your local authorised security installer.

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