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12 Monitored inputs and 4 relay expansion board for EVO controllers.

12 Input and 4 Relay Output Expansion Board

SKU: CS4270
    • Connects to the controller using the included ribbon cable.
    • Up to 5x Alarm Expansion Boards can be connected to the one EVO controller.
    • Each Board adds 12 monitored four state inputs.
      Open, Closed, Open Circuit, Short Circuit
      Install with 2x 10k resistors
      Input Monitoring can be turned off via software.
    • Each Board adds 4 additional C-Form Relay Outputs.
    • Each Relay has a 'Normally Open' and 'Normally Closed' Contact.
    • Maximum 24 volts DC to be switched by each relay.
    • Can NOT be connected and combined with 16-Way Expansion Boards to the same EVO controller.
    • Requires Version 3.5 Board.
    • 100% Australian made and designed.
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