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The CS Technologies access control system allows powerful management of access to doors, elevators, cameras, alarm areas and also provides cost-effective energy management. The system consists of a network of controllers each of which controls a group of doors, an elevator or alarm processor.


Each controller is fully distributed, and contains all programming necessary for seamless continuous operation regardless of the rest of the system. The controller has 22 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 Point Identification Gadget (PIG) ports and 4 onboard relays.


A total of 128 intelligent controllers can be linked per site consisting of both door and elevator configurations.

EVO4 Door Access, Alarm, Lift & Network Controller with 40,000 User Capacity

    • Database stored within the controller.
    • 4 door controller with request to exit.
    • 40,000 User Capacity Per Controller.
    • 12,500 Transactions.
    • Door monitoring.
    • Options include anti pass back.
    • Carpark counter.
    • Integrates with Dahua camera's.
    • Alarm outputs.
    • 40 time zones.
    • Supports a wide range of readers and credentials.
    • Fully controlled by Evolution software (no charge).
    • Operated by 12VDC.
    • Dedicated controller.
    • Operates a wide range of electric locking devices.
    • Audit trail.
    • 100% Australian made and designed.
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